Projects Carried Out

  • ECP-2005-PSI-038081 ePSIPlus: towards the 2008 review of the Directive on PSI re-use. Partner, EU Commission.

  • MEPSIR; Measuring European Public Sector Information; Resources, Exploitation of public sector information; benchmarking of EU framework conditions. Partner, EU Commission.

  • IPR Product and production cooperation agreement in Peru, Finnfund/Finnpartners.

  • New product protection, licensing and retail seller network in France.

  • Evaluation of real estate holding company’s business in Belgium.

  • Evaluation of a trust’s daughter company in Germany.

  • Drawing up an industrial franchisee concept to the Germany and British markets.

  • Feasibility study from the point of view of SME’s in Hungary.

  • Analyzing the problems of a Swedish-Estonian Joint-Venture company.
 Participant in multinational Quality Programme in Estonia.

  • Evaluation of the University level training programme in Holland.

  • Estimation of business opportunities in Belarus.

  • Financial feasibility study for a meat processing plant in Estonia.

  • Large study for the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the cost benefits of tourism.

  • Several Quality Assurance programmes in large companies, private and municipal and in SME’s.

  • A survey of alliances between SME’s in Finland for the DG XXIII.